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9 hours ago

Riverside Odds

Check it out. Shout-out to Smörgåschords for helping promote @Conn-Con4 and all the bands playing this weekend. Some good company on this show for sure:Here is the setlist from last night's show. Special thanks to Rob from NARPP Not a Real Promoter Productions for joining us. Please support the bands, which you can do by clicking on the FB links below. Thanks to all who tuned in and joined us in chat. Stay tuned as Band of the Month nominations will be announced soon, and we'll be playing all of the nominees next week.

Smörgåschords - #128 - 9/24/2018
Galactic Empire - The Imperial March
Clutch - In Walks Barbarella
Mephiskapheles - Calloused Boy
Nordheim - Troll Riding A Raptor
Kanseil - La Battaglia del Solstizio
Borknagar - Epochalypse
The Andretti - See Naples and Die
Bangladeafy - Swamp Gat
Goblin Hovel - Lady Of The Noose
Shelton / David T Chastain - The Edge Of Sanity
Rapheumet's Well - The Witch of Darkspire

*** Conn-Con 4 Bands ***
The Age Of Truth - Host (Demon In Me)
Riverside Odds - Savage
The Royal Ghosts - I'm Dying
Stereotytans - Bumblebee Weed
ExoVoid - Transgressor
Conflict Theory - Monologue
Screams Of Hockomock - Hellspawn
Lowdown302 - Darkness Hold
Inviolate - Condemned
Ämnivór - Kevlar and Cocaine
Mesmeria - The Vacancy
Infernal Opera - Arm The Dead
Anvil Bitch (official) - First Act Of Violence
BLOOD FEAST Legions Worldwide - INRI

Zeal & Ardor - We Can't Be Found
Tera Melos - Your Friends
Dog Fashion Disco - Oral Spunk
Butt Trumpet - DICKtatorship
Hteththemeth - They Will Not Believe What I Have Done
beats the hell out of me - Kazooka
REVOLUTIO** - Ozymandias
Ketosis - Valley of Kings
Broken Jaw Dance Party - Flaming Molotov Enema
Polkadot Cadaver - Get Possessed
Tangled Thoughts of Leaving - Binary Collapse

** - CBR's Band of the Month
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1 day ago

Riverside Odds

We’re Doubling-down this weekend - Conn-Con and Loafestivass! Here’s the details we’ll see ya there! ... See MoreSee Less

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6 days ago

Riverside Odds

#preproduction work at @sweetcreekstudios last night. This time #withballs ... See MoreSee Less

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